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Stickman Can't Fight 5 Stickman Can't Fight 5

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I like the idea a lot, and it was pretty entertaining. The animation and artwork was well done, especially for a 'stick flash'. Some of the jokes were funny, but to be honest there was kind of a lack of creativity in them.

The voice acting was too unnatural though, that was probably the worst part.

guitan11 responds:

first time working with voice, so next time it will be better ;)

[KK] Skyrum [KK] Skyrum

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Not the worst thing I've seen

But really, what was your motivation for making this? I don't see how anyone could find this funny, and the animation really needs work. What's up with those kitty krew voices, too? Can't understand a thing anyone says.

CatSage responds:

We use the kitty krew voices so no one can figure out our
true identities.

It's incredibly funny, obviously the humor just goes
over your head.//

StrawberryClock's Story StrawberryClock's Story

Rated 0 / 5 stars


How many of you guys did it take to get that score?

Broken preloader, animation was horribly choppy, and it made no sense whatsoever.

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Senmetsu responds:

It took 1 guy an afternoon to put this together. I just tossed on the others because they're my inspiration to keep making stuff :)

Thanks for the 0, although I'm not sure you understand the rating system. A flash with nothing in it would get a 0, this had pictures and music and a broken preloader. That took time and effort, mister!

Clay Days: The Chosen One Clay Days: The Chosen One

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

You sure watched a lot of knox :d

One of the best claymations I've seen, despite little actual animation it was still funny and entertaining. The voice acting, jokes and the concept of a monster that says dur all come from knox though, but since he stopped I'm sort of glad someone is continuing his style.

Keep up the good work

Lino responds:

Yeah, this was made a WHILE ago. I have since developed my own style of
jokes and stuff, and the more recent ones I post here will be much funnier,
and just generally better. Thanks for the review!

The Fly VIII The Fly VIII

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not the worst thing I've seen

The only real problem with it was the atrociously ugly drawing style. I think most of your inspiration came from the madness flashes by krinkles, but honestly you really should have either came up with your own style or copied his. You got the gun sprites and most (if not all) sounds from either the same place he did or directly from one of his flashes, might want to add credit next time ;).

As for the storyline, it was a bit too immature and unoriginal for my tastes but it could have been worse. Somewhat reminded me of something I made a few years back. I'm going to be honest with you, some people have talent for making interesting stories and some don't. To me it seems you don't, although in a few years this could be different.

Pretty much what made me dislike it so much is how the people look! Wide open mouths the entire time and bodies drawn with the oval tool :/

Goodluck in the future.

Runescape Sucks Cock Runescape Sucks Cock

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You have a great sense of humor

The beginning was a little dumb but the rest was hillarious

Smiley-Bob responds:


Sonic The Sketchog Sonic The Sketchog

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not bad

Quite original, I did enjoy watching. Some of the sketches were a bit hard to see but overall it was fine. Was really long for something that only took one day :o. If I were you I'd make my own site + put ads in flashes on newgrounds, they don't harm anything and give you a little motivation to make flashes. I can hardly make a frame by frame stick figure movie in one day.... I'm interested in flash but my hand isn't very steady and I have problems doing something or thinking of something (like for instance, this sentence right here I'll go blank and then type mindlessly) and this part of the review, not related to the submission but I forget what I'm doing.

Anyways, good job.

psychedelic anti-drug PSA psychedelic anti-drug PSA

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Useless and immature...

Anyone who states "drugs are bad" simply is very ignorant. I hope this is a joke, by the sound of your voice it seemed like one. It's near-impossible to die from acid or magic mushrooms, the stories you hear about are either some idiot taking 100 times plus the amount needed or an idiot who did it by themselves in a dangerous environment and hurt themselves.

The animation, however, was sort of neat which is the only reason im giving this 3 stars. Doesn't educate anyone about anything, and you sound really stupid.

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Big Bad Uncle Big Bad Uncle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great videos!!

I love the stuff you make! It's usually very funny and of high quality, and this was no exception. I really think you should have mainly stayed on newgrounds, you (well used to be until you stopped submitting your new claymations) are very popular here, and newgrounds hold more prestigious honor than youtube, or any of those other damn sites. Your work can also not be re-posted by other dumbasses here, which is a good thing. Newgrounds hasn't entirely sold it's soul yet, but could maybe see how some recent changes drew you away. Please come back!

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The Year of the Cat The Year of the Cat

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great work

I sir, am not an idiot. I can see exactly what you meant in the jokes, and they're pretty funny. A lot of these ignorant kids on this site are so used to seeing things that are on the front page and whatnot being "beautifully drawn, easy to understand masterpieces". This is different, and also since it's about cats, people think of the piles of crap the kitty crew makes and automatically votes 0. One VERY good example of how dumb these reviewers are, go down (might have to go the first page of reviews) and find mate41600's review. He says its all terrible and unfunny, but his icon is of family guy! Just goes to show how that crap DOES make kids idiots. I showed this video to my (pretty stupid) friends that don't use newgounds and they thought it was hillarious.

Anyways, I can see you are a very talented commedian and a decent animator. While it might be you just didn't feel like making very smooth animation, the choppy style seemed to really flow with everything else going on. The jokes in here weren't really half assed, its best just to look at them as if they were meant to be the way they are. I honestly don't see why almost everyone thinks this was done sloppy and isn't funny. I'm going to bet they DIDN'T EVEN WATCH THE WHOLE THING!

Keep up the good work, don't the those fucks discourage you, they don't know shit.

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